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This question has S-1 and S-2. Of the four choices given after the statements, choose the one that best describes the two statements. An insulating solid sphere of radius R has a uniformly positive charge density ρ. As a result of this uniform charge distribution there is a finite value of electric potential at the centre of the sphere, at the surface of the sphere and also at a point out side the sphere. The electric potential at infinity is zero S-1: When a charge 'q' is taken from the centre to the qр surface of the sphere, its potential energy changes by qρ3ε0 S-2: The electric field at a distance r (rρr3ε0


S-1 is true, S-2 is true, S-2 is not the correct explanation of statement - 1


S-1 is true S-2 is fals


S-1 is false, S-2 is true


S-1 is true, S-2 is true, S-2 is the correct explanation of statement-1

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The correct Answer is:C

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