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A constant force of 2.50 N accelerates a stationary particle of mass 15 g through a displacement of 2.50 m. Find the work done and the average power delivered.

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The correct Answer is:A, B, C

So, w=F.S
a=F/m=2.5/0.015<br>500/3 m/s^2=F.S cos0^0<br>(acgalongthesamele)<br>=2.5xx2.5=6.25J<br>LettheveolocityofthebodyatB=v<br>Applyngworkergyprcip,<br>1/2 mv^2-0=6.25<br>rarr v=sqrt9(6.25xx2)/0.15)=28.86 m/sec<br>So,timetakentravelomAB,<br>t=(v-u)/a =((28.86)xx3)/500<br>:.Averapowere=W/t<br>=(6.25xx500)/((28.86)xx3)=36.1W

Updated on:21/07/2023

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