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Match the following lists:
Match the following lists:

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The correct Answer is:aq;bp;cs;dr;

a. Minimum value if equal to distance between (0,0) and (cosα,sinα) which is equal to.
b. |z1|+|z+1|=2 repesent the line segment joining points '1' and '-1'. |z+2|+|z2|=8 represents the ellipse with foci -2 and 2. Clearly , line segment does not intersect the ellipse.
d. z=23+2i(1i)6+(1+i)6(232i)8

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Match the following list of animals with their level of organisation.
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    Choose the correct match showing division of labour with animal example.

    A(i)-B, (ii)-C, (iii)-D and (iv)-A
    B(i)-B, (ii)-D, (iii)-C and (iv)-A
    C(i)-D, (ii)-A, (iii)-B and (iv)-C
    D(i)-A, (ii)-D, (iii)-C and (iv)-B

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