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Complex numbers whose real and imaginary parts x and y are integers and satisfy the equation 3x2|xy|2y2+7=0


do not exist


exist and have equal modulus


form two conjugate pairs


do not form conjugate pairs

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The correct Answer is:B, C

(b,c) (i)xy>0, 3x2xy2y2=7 or (3x+2y)(xy)=7
x and y being integers, we can take
3x+2y=7 and xy=1
x=1, y=2
If x and y are charged to x, y, equation remains same.
x=1, y=2 is also a solution pair. 3x+2y=1 and x+y=7 do not give integral solutions.
(ii)xy=0 will not give any integral solution.
3x2y=7 and x+y=1 leads to x=1 y=2
3x2y=7 and x+y=1 leads to x=1 y=2
Required complex numbers are 1+2i, 12i, 1+2i, 12i which form two conjugate pairs.