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Two sides of a rhombus lying in the first quadrant are given by 3x4y=0and12x5y=0 . If the length of the longer diagonal is 12, then find the equations of the other two sides of the rhombus.

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OB is along the acute angle bisector of the given lines: 3x-4y=0 and 12x-5y =0.
The equation of acute angle bisector is
or 9x-7y=0
Slope of OB=tanθ=97
Now, OB= 12.
Therefore, the coordinates of B are
AB is passing through B and is parallel to OC.
Therefore, the equation of AB is
BC is passing through B and is parallel to OA.
Therefore, the equation of BC is y108130=34(x84130)

Updated on:21/07/2023

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