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Two consecutive sides of a parallelogram are 4x+5y=0 and 7x+2y=0 . If the equation of one diagonal is 11x=7y=9, find the equation of the other diagonal.

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Let the equations of sides AB and AD of the parallelogram ABCD be as given in (1) and (2), respectively, i.e.,
4x+5y=0 (1)
and 7x+2y=0 (2)
Solving (1) and (2), we have
x = 0, y =0
The equation of one diagonal of the parallelogram is
11x+7y=9 (3)
Clearly, A(0,0) does not lie on the diagonal as shown in (3).
Therefore, (3) is the equation of diagonal BD.
Solving (1) and (3), we get B -=(5/3,-4/3).
Solving (2) and (3), we get D -= (-2/3, 7/3).
Since H is the middle point BD, we have
Now, the equation of diagonal AC which passes through A(0,0) and H(1/2, 1/2) is
y0=0(1/2)0(1/2)(x0) or yx=0

Updated on:21/07/2023

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