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Derive the expression for the self inductance of a long solenoid of cross sectional area A and length l, having n turns per unit length.

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Magnetic field at a point inside the solenoid is B=μ0NIt where N is the total number of turns of the solenoid and l is its length. B is constant throughout the length of the solenoid.
Magnetic flux through each turn =B× area of each turn.
ϕ1=μ0NlI×A where, A is the area of each turn.
Total magnetic flux linked with the solenoid =ϕ=μ0NlIA×N
But from the definition of self inductance (L),ϕ=LI.
LI=μ0NlIA×NL=μ0N2Al=μ0n21A Henry.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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