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(i) Which organ of the human body is initially affected when bitten by an infected female Anopheles ? Name the stage of the parasite that infects this organ.
(ii)Explain the events that are responsible for chill and high fever in the patient.

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See Q. 25, Set-I., Delhi Board-2008.

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    Study carefully the following stages of life cycle of malarial parasite i.e., Plasmodium. Arrange these stages in the correct sequence and select the correct answer.
    1. Sporozoites leave the blood stream and enter the liver cells of man.
    2. Sporozoites present in the salivary glands of female Anopheles mosquito are injected into the blood stream of man.
    3. The parasite reproduces asexually in RBCs, resulting in bursting of RBCs and causing the cycles of fever, relased parasites infect new RBCs.
    4. The parasite reproduces asexually in liver cells, ultimately causing the rupturing of cells.
    5. Two types of gametocytes i.e., microgametocytes and macrogametocytes develop in the RBCs.
    6. Female Anopheleles mosquito takes up the gametocytes with blood meal of an infected person.
    7. Mature infective stage of the parasite i.e., sporozoites escape from intestine and migrate to the mosquito's salivary glands.
    8. Fertilisation and developmental stages of the parasite take place in mosquito's stomach.

    A(a) 21435687
    B(b) 24135678
    C(c) 12435687
    D(d) 68745231

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