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Modern life style in big cities and towns is surely making the life more easy and comfortable for people. On the contrary many more health issues and problems are on the rise and one of them is allergic reactions.
(a) Write four steps you would suggest to minimise the cause of the above allergic responses.
(b) List any two allergen.How does the human body respond to them ? Explain.

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(a) The following are the steps to minimize the above allergic response :
1. Providing a less protected environment in early childhood.
2. Avoiding exposure to allergens like mites in dust, pollens, animal dander etc.
3. Use of drugs like anti-histamine, adrenalin and steroids.
4. Exposing the patient to small does of possible allergens and studying possible allengens and studying possible reactions.
(b) Mites in dust and pollens are allergens.The human body responds to them by producing IgE antibodies and releasing chemicals like histamine and serotonin from most cells.