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Which of the following statements are correct?
(a) S___S bond is present in H2S2O6
(b) In peroxosulphuric acid (H2SO5) sulphur is in + 6 oxidation steta
(c )IronpowderalongwithAl_(2)O_(3) and K_(2)OisusedasacatalystthepreparationofNH_(3)byHaber'sprocess<br>(d)ChanenthalpyispositiveforthepreparationofSO_(3)bycatalytictionofSO_(2)

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The correct Answer is:A, B

Structure of H2S2O6 is as shown below
It contains one S__S bond.
(b) In peroxosulphuric acid (H2SO5) sulphur is in + 6 oxidation state. Structure of H2SO5 is
Let oxidation state of s=x
(c ) During preparation of ammonia , iron oxide with small amount of K2OandAl2O3 is used as a catalyst to increase the rate of attainment of equilibrium.
(d) Change in enthalpy is negative for preparation of SO3 by catalytic oxidation of SO2.