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Synthetic polymers do not degrade in the environment for a long time. How can biodegradable synthetic piolymers be made.

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Synthetic piolymers are quite resistant to environmental degradatin process and are responsible for accumulation of polymer solid waste material. New biodegradable synthetic polymers have been disigned and devloped. These polymers contain similar e.g aliphatic polyesters
Biopolymer are polymers of amino acid or carbohydrates which are linked to each other by preptide or gylcosidic linkages as shown below
Biopolymer can or can't biodegradable.
e.g protein starch etc are biodegradable but keratin are non biodegradable .
Biodegradabvle polymer are polymers which can ber degradable always.
e.g DHBV nylon-2 , Nylon-6