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How can you apply green chemistry for the following ?
(a) To control photochemical smog.
(b) To avoid use of halogenated solvents in dryclening and that of chlorine in bleaching.
(c ) to reduce use of synthestic detergents.
(d) To reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel.

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The most straight forward way to reduce of prevent the formation of photochemical smog is to minimise the release of oxides of nitrogen and hydrocarbons to the atmosphere.
The following methods can be applied to minimise the oxides to nitrogen and hydrocarbons.
(i) By fiiting efficient catalystic converts in automobiles, the harmful gases are converted catalytically into harmless gases.
(ii) By sprying certain compound into the atmosphere which generte free radicals that readily combine with the free radicals that initiate the reactions forming toxic compounds of the photochemical smog.
The compound diethyl hydroxylamine has been found to posses smog inhibiting property.
(iii) Certain plants such as pinus, huipaurs, pyrus, irtis etc. can metabolise oxides of nitrogen.
(b) Solvent used to dryclean clothes are usually chlorinated compounds which are carcinogen. Suitable detergents which work in liquid carbon dioxide have been discovered to replace the chlorined compounds.
For bleaching of clothes in laundry, H2O2 and not Cl2 is used which gives better results and is not harmful. Earlier, Cl2 gas was used for bleaching paper. Chlorine is highly toxic in nature. it's use has been replaced by H2O2 in presence of a suitable catalyst.
(c ) To produce the use of synthetic detergents as cleaning agent, emphasis should be made on the use of soaps prepared of vegetable oils. The vegatable oils are biodegradable while detergents do not undergo biodegration.
(d) Instead of petrol and diesel, the use of LPG (Condensed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquidified Nautral Gas) has been preferred as they re pollution free fuels.
The other sources such as hydrogen, ethyl alcohol, etc. can be tried in place of petrol and diesel.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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