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Redox reactions play a pivotal role in chemistry and biology. The values standard redox potential (Ec) of two half cell reactions decided which way the reaction is expected to preceed. A simple example is a Daniell cell in which zinc goes into solution and copper sets deposited. Given below are a set of half cell reactions ( acidic medium ) along with their Ec(V with respect to normal hydrogen electrode ) values. Using this data, obtain correct explanations for Question.
I2+2e2Ic, Ec=0.54
Cl2+2e2Clc, Ec=1.36
Mn3++eMn2+, Ec=1.50
Fe3++eFe2+, Ec=0.77
O2+4H+4e2H2O, Ec=1.23
Among the following, identify the correct statement.
(a)Chloride ion is oxidized by O2.
(b)Fe2+ is oxidized by iodine.
(c)Iodide ion is oxidized by chlorine
(d)Mn2+ is oxidized by chlorine.


Chloride ion is oxidized by O2.


Fe2+ is oxidized by iodine.


Iodide ion is oxidized by chlorine


Mn2+ is oxidized by chlorine.

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The correct Answer is:c

Ec.cell is +ve . Thus, the cell reaction is feasible.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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