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An electromagnetic wave of electric field E=10sin(ωtKx)N/C is incident normal to the cross - sectional area of a cylinder of 10cm2 and having length 100 cm, lying along X - axis. Find (a) the energy density, (b) energy contained in the cylinder, (c ) the intensity of the wave, (d) momentum transferred to the cross - sectional area of the cylinder in 1 s, considering total absorption, (e ) radiation pressure. [ε0=8.854×1012C2N1m2,c=3×108ms1]Solution in Gujrati

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For relative cylinder,
area A=10cm2=10×104m2
length l = 100 cm = 1 meter (unit length)
For the electromagnetic wave incident perpendicularly,
(a) Energy density ρ=ε0E2rms
=ε0E202 (E0=10N/C)
(b) Energy contained in the cylinder
U = energy density × volume
(c ) Intensity I=ρ
(d) Momentum transferred to the cross - section area of the cylinder in 1 sec considering total absorption (means forces)
(e ) Radiation pressure =forcearea=1.475×1021103

Updated on:21/07/2023

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