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A plane electromagnetic wave travelling along X - direction has electric field of amplitude 300Vm1, directed along the Y - axis (a) What is the intensity of the wave ? (b) If the wave falls on a perfectly absorbing sheet of area 3.0m2, at what rate is the momentum delivered to the sheet and what is the radiation pressure exerted on the sheet ? [ε0=8.854×1012C2N1m2,c=3×108ms1]Solution in Gujrati

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For electromagnetic wave propagation in X - direction,
(a) Intensity of wave
(b) Radiation pressure exerted on the sheet
P=energy (U)c=IAc=IAc (Area A=3m2)
Radiation pressure =forcearea=momentum×timearea
Pressure P=1.19×1063=3.98×107Pa

Updated on:21/07/2023

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