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Find the square root of each of the following numbers by Division method.(i) 2304              (ii) 4489                 (iii) 3481            

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(i)2304=28×32its square root=48
(ii)4489=(67)2 its square root=67
(iii)3481=(59)2 its square root=59
(iv)529=(23)2 its square root=23
(v)3249=32×192its square root=57
(vi)1369=(37)2 its square root=37
(vii)5776=24×192its square root=76
(viii)7921=892its square root=89
(ix)576=26×32its square root=24
(x)1024=210its square root=32
(ξ)3136=26×72its square root=56
(ξi)900=its square root is 30.