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Find the number of digits in the square root of each of the following numbers (without any calculation).
(i) 64                  
(ii) 144                  
(iii) 4489            
(iv) 27225
(v) 390625

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(i) 64=82
So, square root of 64 will have a single digit.
So, square root of 144 will have 2 digits.
We know, 602=3600 and 702=4900.So,
So, square root of 4489 will have 2 digits.
We know, 1002=10000 and 2002=40000.So,
So, square root of 27225 will have 3 digits.
We know, 6002=360000 and 7002=490000.So,
So, square root of 390625 have 3 digits.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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