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In Davisson and Germer's experiment, state the observations which led to (i) show the wave nature of electrons, and (ii) confirm the de-Broglie relation.

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(i) In Davisson and Germer.s experiment the electron beam shows diffraction effect. It shows the wave nature of electrons because only the waves can exhibit diffraction effect.
(ii) When variation of intensity of scattered electrons with the angle of scattering is noted, a peak is observed in a particular direction due to the constructive interference of electrons scattered from this angle we can calculated the value of wavelength of electrons and confirm the de-Broglie relation.

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    Dacisson Germer experiment confirms de Broglie relation by

    Aconverting electrons into waves
    Bconverting light into particles
    Cvarying angle of incidence of an electron beam over ametal target and observing scattering pattern
    Dcomparing theortical value of wavelength associated with moving electrons and particle value of wavelength measured by observing diffraction pattern produced by electrons
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    In Davisson and Germer experiment, a crystal which diffracts a beam of electrons is of

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    In Davisson-Germer experiment the decrease of the wavelength of the electron wave was done by

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