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Statement 1 : Proton -proton electrostatic repulsions begin to overcome attractive forces involving protons and neutrons in heavier nuclides
Statement 2 : The plot of atomic number (y-axis) veruse number of neutrons (x-axis) for stable nuclei shows a curvature towards x-axis from the line of 45 slope as the atomic number is increased.


Statement 1 is true, statement 2 is true , statement 2 is a correct explanation for statement 1


Statement 1 is true, Statement 2 is true, statement 2 is not a correct explanation for statement 1


Statement 1 is true, statement 2 is false


Statement 1 is false, statement 2 is true

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The correct Answer is:D

With increase in atomic no. (Z>20), no. of neutrons increases more than th eno. of protons. So a curvature is observed as shown. Hence, Statement -1 is correct. The stability of heavier nuclides is due to the fact that attractive forces between protons and neutrons overcome the proton-proton electrostatic repulsions. Hence, Statement -2 is false

Updated on:21/07/2023

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