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A crystalline solid of a pure substance has a face-centred cubic structure with a cell edge of 400 pm. If the density of the substance in the crystal is 8gcm3, then the number of atoms present in 256g of the crystal is N×1024. The value of N is

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The correct Answer is:2

Volume of unit cell = (400×1010)3cm3
Mass of element 256 g
Density of element = 8gcm3
Volume of 256 g of element = 2568=32cm3
No. of unit cells = 32(400×1010)3=5×1023 unit cells
Since the structure is fcc, number of atoms present in a unit cell = 4.
No. of atoms in 256 g =5×1023×4
=2×1024 atoms .

Updated on:21/07/2023

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