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Give IUPAC names for the following hydrocarbons :
Give IUPAC names for the following hydrocarbons :      (e) CH3 -underset(CH3)underset(|)(CH) -CH2-CH2 - underset(CH3)underset(|)(CH)- underset(CH3)underset(|)(CH)-CH2-C H3

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The structure may be written as
(a) ocr_image
The longest chain has 6 carbon atoms and is numbered from lowest left as shown. The two side chains are methyl groups at positions 3 and 4 (from both ends). The name of the compound is 3,4-Dimethylhexane.
(b) ocr_image
The longest chain contains 9 carbon atoms. The chain is numbered from lower right to upper left as shown. The side chains are two ethyl groups at positions 4 and 5 and one methyl group at position 5. The name of the compound is : 4,5-Diethyl-5-methylnonane
(c ) ocr_image
Methyl group is attached to cyclopentane ring. Thus, the name of the molecule is: Methylcyclopentane.
(d) ocr_image
There are three ethyl groups on cyclohexane ring at positions 1, 3 and 5. Thus, the name of molecule is 1, 3, 5-Triethylcyclohexane.
The longest chain contains 8 carbon atoms. The numbering from left to right gives lowest numbers to the substituents. The name of the compound is 2,5,6-Trimethyloctane.

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    The IUPAC name of CH3CHC3H7CHC2H6CHC2H5CH3

    A3,4 dlmethyl-4-ethyl Octane
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