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(a) Account for the acidity of alkynes.
(b) Explain the mechanism of sulphonation of benzene.
( c ) How will you convert the following :
(i) Ethyne to but-2-yne (ii) Propene to 2, 3-dimethylbutane (iii) Ethene to ethyne.

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( c ) (i) HCCHEthyne2NaNH2−−−NaCCNa2CH3Br−−−CH3CCCH(3)But-2-yne
(ii) CH3CH=PropeneCH2HBrCH3CBrHCH3Na, ether−−−−−−−Wurtz reactionCH3CCH3HCCH3HCH32,3-Dimethyl butane
(iii) CH2=CH2EtheneBr2,CCl4−−−−CBrH2CBrH22 alc. KOH−−−−HCCHEthyne

Updated on:21/07/2023

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