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Consider the following statement
I: The negation of the statement "The number 2 is greater then 7" is"The number 2 is not greater then 7".
II: The negation of the statement "Every natural number is an integer" is every natural number is not an integer".
Choose the correct option.


Only I is true


Only II is true


Both are true


Both are false

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The correct Answer is:C

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Write the negation of the following statements :
    The number 2 is greater than 7.

    Ap:The number 2 is not greater than 7
    B~p: The number 2 is less than or equal to 7
    C~p: It is false that the number 2 is grater than 7.
    DNone of above
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    The negation of 'For every natural number x, x +5 gt 4' is

    CFor every integer x, x + 5 lt 4
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