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Predict the major product of acid catalysed dehydration of
(i) 1-methylcyclohexanol and (ii) butan-1-ol

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(i) Acid catalysed dehydration of 1-methylcylohexanol gies wo products I and II. But product 1 is hightl subetituted and hence, according to Saytzeff rule, is major product.
(ii) The acid -cataylsed dehydration of butan-1-ol proudces but -2-one as the major product. and but -1-one as the minor proudct. Thsis is because dehydration of alcohols occurs through the formation of carbocation intemediates. During the reaction. it first forms In- carbocation (I) which undergoes 1,2-hybride shirt to form 2- carbocation (II). This then loses a proton to form more stable but-2-one instead of but-1-ene. This is because but-2-one is more stable. and acording to saytzeff rule, is preferably formed.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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