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Give structures of the products you would expect when each of the following alcohol reacts with (a) HClZnCl2 (b) HBr and (c) SOCl2.
(i) Butan-1-ol
(ii) 2-Methylbutan-2-ol

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(a) HCIZnCl2. It is Licas reagent. Butan-1-ol does not react with HClZnCl2 at room temperature. However, turbidity apears only upon heating.
But 1-methylbutane -2-ol (3) reacts at room temperature giving turbidity immediataealy.
CH3CH3CCH2OH2-Methylbutan-2-olCH3HCl,ZnCl2−−−−−Room temp.CH3CH3CCH2Cl2-Chloro-2methylbutane(White turbidit)CH3
(b) HBr. both alcohols areact with HBr to given corresponding alkyl bromides.
SOCl2 Both alcohols react to given corresponding alkyl chlorides.
CH3CH2CH2CH2OH+SOCl2ΔCH3CH2CH21-ChlorobutaneCH2Cl+SO2⏐ ⏐ ⏐+HCl⏐ ⏐ ⏐
CH3CH3CCH2OHCH3+SoCl2ΔCH3CH3CCH2Cl2-Chloro-2-methylbutaneCH3+SO2⏐ ⏐ ⏐ ⏐ ⏐ ⏐ ⏐ ⏐+HCl⏐ ⏐ ⏐ ⏐ ⏐ ⏐ ⏐ ⏐

Updated on:21/07/2023

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