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Describe any three steps taken by the Indian Government towards decentralisation of power in 1992.

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The major steps taken towards the decentralisation of powers in India in 1992 are given below:
(i) It formalised the local self government (Panchayati Raj system).
(ii) It empowers lower level management or people participation in decision making to solve problems and issues at the local level. (iii) To hold regular elections of the local governing bodies. (iv) Reserve one third seats for the women in the local self government. (v) The state governments are needed for the purpose of sharing some powers and the revenue with local self governing bodies. (vi) Prior to 1992, local government bodies were under the control of the government but after 1992, these bodies were given constitutional status. Seats are reserved for SC, ST and OBC in elected bodies and executive head of the Institutions to ensure their equal participation.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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