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Describe the Project Tiger launched by the Indian government.

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The Project Tiger Conservation programme was initiated in 1973 in Corbett National Park of Uttarakhand for the purpose of saving the tiger population from extinction in India. The objective of this project was to ensure the survival and maintenance of the tiger population of India. This is one of the success stories of wildlife conservation in the whole world. An estimate of the tiger population in India at that turn of the century places the figure upto 40,000. Subsequently, the first ever all India-Tiger census was conducted in 1972 which revealed the existence of only 1827 tigers. The project of conservations of tiger population was launched by the government of India with the help of international agencies like World Wildlife Fund etc. Nine Tiger Reserves in nine state with the total area of 13,017 km2 were set aside with a tiger population of about 300. The main achievements of this project are excellent recovery of the habitat and consequent areas from a mere 268 in 9 reserves in 1972 to 2,226 in 27 reserves in 2015. Out of the total area an area of 4,936 km2 was set apart as a core zone free from all human interference. Cattle grazing in this area has been stopped and many villages have been move out.

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