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Explain in detail the Nomenclature of Carbon compounds.

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The names of compounds in a homologous series are based on the name of basic carbon chain modified by a .prefix. phrase before or .suffix. .phrase after. indicating the nature of the functional group. For example, the names of various alcohols are methanol ethanol, propanol and butanol.
Naming of carbon compounds can be done by the following method :
(i) Identify the number of carbon atoms in the compound. A compound having three carbon atoms will have the name propane.
(ii) In case a functional group is present, it is indicated in the name of the compound with either a .prefix. or a .suffix.. Like chloro propane, bromo propane, propanal propanone etc.
(iii) If the name of functional group is to be given on the basis of suffix, the name of the carbon chain is modified by deleting the final .e. and adding the appropriate suffix. For example, a chain having three carbons with a Ketone group will be given name in the following manner.
Propane - .e. = Propane + .one. = Propanone.
(iv) If the carbon chain is unsaturated them the final .ane. in the name of carbon chain is substituted by .ene. or .yne.. For example, a three-carbon chain with a double bond would be called propene and if it has triple bond. It would called propyne.

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