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Give important properties of ethanoic acid (Acetic acid).

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Important properties of monocarboxylic acid.
1. Ethanoic acid or acetic acid is colourless liquid and is soluble in water, 5-8% solution of acetic acid in water is called vinegar.
2. Pure ethanoic acid melts at 290 K and freezes during winter in cold climates and looks like ice. Hence it is called glacial acetic acid.
3. Esterification. When an acid is heated with an alcohol in the presence of conc. H2SO4, an ester is produced. Thus is a slow reversible reaction and is called esterification.
e.g. CH3COOH(Ethanoic acid)+C2H5OH(Ethanol)
Esters are sweet-smelling substances.
4. Action with a base
CH3COOHAcetic acid+NaOHCH3COONaSodium acetate+H2O
5. Action with carbonates and bicarbonates. Ethanoic acid decomposes carbonates and bicarbonates producing salt, carbon dioxide and water.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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