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Water rises to a height of 0.3 m in a capillary tube while doing an experiment on surface of earth. To which height will the water rise in the tube if the same experiment is done in an artificial satellite revolving around the earth?

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Water rises in a capillary tube upto a height h such that the hydrostatic pressure hpg becomes equal to the excess pressure P=2SR where R is radius R of curvature of meniscus. S is surface tension of liquid.
When experiment is done in a satellite revolving around the earth, then g=0 because object inside sattelite is in the state of weightlessness, but it will maintain the pressure as same as inside of the satellite, and obviously it will gain height more than 0.3 m.
Hence the water will rise upto the full length of the capillary tube.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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