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(i) Draw all possible stereo isomers of a complex Ca[Co(NH3)Cl(Ox)2]
(ii) What is Bragg's equation ?

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(i) Possible stereo isomers of a complex Ca[Co(NH3)Cl(Ox)2]
1. X-ray diffraction analysis is the most powerful tool for the determination of crystal structure.
2. The interplanar distance (d) between two successive planes of atoms can be calculated using the following equation form the X-ray diffraction data 2dsinθ=nλ. The equation is known as Bragg.s equation
Where λ = wavelength of X-ray, d = Interplanar distance
θ = The angle of diffraction n = order of reflection
By knowing the values of θ,λ and n. we can calculate the value of d
d=nλ2sinθ Using these values, the edge of the unit cell can be calculated.

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