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(i) Write the reason for the anomalous behaviour of Nitrogen.
(ii) Mn2+ is more stable than Mn4+. Why ?

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(i) 1, Due to its small size, high electro negativity, high ionisation enthalpy enthalpy and absence of d-orbitals.
2. N2 has a unique ability to form pπpπ multiple bond whereas the heavier members of this group (15) do not form pπpπ bond, because their atomic orbitals are so large and diffused that they cannot have effective overlapping.
3. Nitrogen exists a diatomic molecule with triple bond between the two atoms whereas other elements form single bond in the elemental state.
4. N cannot form dπpπ bond due to the absence of d-orbitals whereas other elements can.
(ii) The relative stability of different oxidation states of 3d metals is correlated with the extra stability of half-filled and fully filled electronic configurations.
Example: Mn2+(3d5) is more stable than Mn4+(3d3)

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