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AcrossDown4.Solution containing more amount of solute than its capacity 1. Heat required melting ice to water at 0°C6.Water safe for consumption 2.Addition of unwanted substances to water by human activity7. Useful product generated from cow dung 3. Substance used for the identification of mo1stm 8.Maximum amount of solute to be dissolved pe 100 grams of water 5.Settling down of suspended particles11.Liquid which can dissolve variety of substances 10. Physical property of water having maximum value at 4°C19.Water having medicinal value12.Removal of microorganisms 20.Killing bacteria by producing nascent oxygen13.Heat required to raise the temperature by 1°C21.Gaseous form ofwatcr above 100°C 14. Substante added to hasten the process of sedimentation 22.Homogeneous mixture oftwo or more components15.Passege of water through sand and gravel23. Water from seas and ocean16.Constructions help to preserve rain water 17.Gaseous form of water below boiling point

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AcrossDown4.Supersarurated solution 1. Latent heat of fusion6.Potable water 2.Water pollution7. Biogas3. anhydrous copper sulphate 8.Solubility 5.Sedimentation11.Universal solvent 10. Density19.Spring water12.Sterilization 20.Chlorination13.Specific heat21.Steam 14. Potash alum 22.Solution15.Filtration23.Saline water16.Rechare pits 17.Water vapour

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    Liquid water can store more heat energy than an equal amount of any other naturally occurring substance because liquid water

    Acovers 71% of Earth's surface
    Bhas its greatest density at 4C
    Chas the higher specific heat
    Dcan be changed into a solid or a gas
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    B5 ppm
    D5 gm L1
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