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Explain the Darwin's concept of 'Fitness of species'.

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According to Charles Darwin, Fitness of a species. means reproductive fitness. Organisms show differential reproduction as some organisms produce more offspring, and some organisms produce fewer offspring. Nature selects the species which produces more offspring.

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    Which of the following give the correct explanation about Darwin's concept fitness?

    AA tiger who is able to mate with many tigeress but produce only one cub
    BA tiger who is stronger than all other member of group but do not produce any cub
    CA tiger who mated with many tigeress and produce large number of cub
    DBoth (1) and (3)
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    Which one support Darwin's concept of natural selection?

    ADevelopment of transgenic animals
    BProduction of Dolly sheep by cloning
    CPrevalence of pesticide resistant insects
    DDevelopment of organs from stem cells for organ transplantation
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    One of the revolutionary concepts in biology was Charles Darwin's Origin of Species '. It deals with

    AGene mutation
    BUse and disue of organs
    CGermplasm Theory
    DNatural selection leading to the survival of the fittest