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A dihybrid heterozygous round, yellow seeded garden pea (Pisum sativum) was crossed with a double reccessive plant. What type of cross is this ?

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It is a dihybrid test cross.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    A heterozygous round seeded (Rr) plant is crossed to recessive wrinkled (rr) seeded plant. The progeny would be:

    A20 rounded : 99 wrinkled
    B99 rounded : 301 wrinkled
    C301 rounded : 100 wrinkled
    D303 rounded : 301 wrinkled
  • Question 1 - Select One

    The garden/edible pea (pisum sativum) was selected by mendel for his experiments for reason/s that

    Amany varieties are available with observable alternative forms for a trait
    Bit is usually cross pollinated
    Cit is a perennial plant
    Dall are correct
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    In Mendelian dihybrid cross when heterozygous round Yellow are self crossed, Round Yellow are self crossed, Round Green offsprings are represented by the genotype

    ARrYy , RrYY, RRYy
    BRryy , RRyy, rryy
    CrrYy , rrYY
    DRrYY , RRyy
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    In pea plants, yellow seeds are dominant to green. If a heterozygous yellow seeded plant is crossed with a green seeded plant, what ratio of yellow and green seeded plants would you expect in F1-generation?

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    Heterozygous round and yellow seeded pea plants were selfed and total 800 seeds are collected. What is the total number of seeds with first dominant and second recessive traits ?

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    A double homozygous yellow round seeded plant of Pea is crossed with green wrinkled seeded plant. The offspring shall be of

    AOne type
    BTwo types
    CFour types
    DSeveral types

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