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Name the structure involved in the protection of the brain.

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The following structure are involved in the protection of brain in animals.
(i) Cranium There are 8 canial bones which the hard protective outer covering cranium for the brain.
(ii) Meninges The brain is covered with three membranes called meninges.
(a) Piamater Inner most membrane very thin, delicate and vascular and invests the brain closely
(b) Arachnoid membrane It is like spider we in structure from which its gets its name.
(c) Duramater It is outer most, thick, tough fibrous membrane adhering closely to the inside of the skull.
(iii) Cerebrospinal fluid The cerebrospinal is present in the spaces between the meninges, i.e., arachnoid and duramater, which functions as a pad, absorbing shocks.