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Is it correct to say that photosynthesis occurs only in leave of a plant ? Besides leaves, what are the other parts that may be capable of carrying out photosynthesis ? Justify.

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Photosynthesis is a process which mainly occurs in leaves of all graeen plants. The plants have designed their leaf in such a way that it is able to trap solar radiation and effectively convert solar/light energy to chemical energy.
But biology is science of exceptions. Some plants carry us photosynthesis in modified plant parts other then leaves.
For examples are as follows
1. Root as Photosynthetic Organ
When roots develop chlorophyll and start photosynthesis, they are called assimilitory roots. Trapa and Tinospora are the example of assimilatory roots.
1. Stem as Photosynthetic Organ.
In Opuntia, the stem gets modified to take up the function of leaves. It becomes flattened, thick and succulent and perform photosynthesis. Such structures are called phylloclade.
3. Petiole as Photosynthesis Organ In Australian Acasia the petiole takes the shape and function of phtosynthesis because leaf lamina soon falls off.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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