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Some varieties of wheat are known as spring wheat while others are called winter wheat. Former variety is sown and planted in spring and is harvested by the end of the same season. Hower winter varietis if planted in spring fail to flower or produce mature grains within a span of a slowering season . Explain, why?

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Some annual food plants such as wheat do not flower unless they experience a low temperature .They remain vegatative during spring (warm period) but grow futher to bear flowers and fruts after reciveing low temperature (in winter)
The low temperature in winte prevents precocoius reporductive developmnet in autumn thus enabling the lplant to reach vegaetativ maturity before repeoductive phase .
Thus when spring varieteis are planted in spring they flower and bear furits prion ot end of growong seasons . But if the winter varieties are planted in spring they fail to flower and produce mature grains before the end of growing season as they could not percieve low temperature of winters.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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