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A radioactive sample emit nβ - particles is 2 sec , In next 2 sec it emits0.75nβ- particle , what is the mean life of the sample?

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The correct Answer is:1.75n=N0(1e4λ),6.95sec,2ln(43)

Let initial number of nuclei =N0
(No. of β particles emitted=No. of nuclei disintegrated)
No. of nuclei disintegrated in time is given by =N0(1eλtt
for initial 2 seconds
n=N0(1e2λ) ...........(i)
for next 2 seconds
0.75n=(N0n)(1e2λ) ..........(ii)
Subtracting (ii) from (i) ((i)-(ii))
2λ=ln.34 2λ=ln.43

Updated on:21/07/2023

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