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A company manufacturers two types of novelty suouvenirs made of plywood. Souvenirs of type A require 5 minutes each for cutting and 10 minutes each for assembling. Souvenirs of type B requires 8 minutes each for cutting and 8 minutes each for assembling. There are 3 hours 20 minutes available for cutting and 4 hours for assembling. The profit is Rs. 5 each for type A and Rs. 6 each for type B souvenirs. How many souvenirs of each type should the company manufacture in order to maximise the profit?

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Let x be the souvenirs of A type and y of B type be manufacture by the company. Then,
Maximise Z=5x+6y……………1
Constraints 5x+8y200………………2
First, draw the graph of first line 5x+8y=200.
Put (0,0) in the inequation 5x+8y200,
5×0+8×02000200. (True)
Therefore the half plane contains the origin.
Since x,y0.So the feasible region will be in first quadrant.
Now, draw the graph of the line 5x+4y=120.
Put (0,0) in the inequation 5x+4y120,
0120 (True)
Therefore, the half plane contains the origin.
From equations 5x+8y=200 and 5x+4y=120.
The point of intersection is B(8,20).
Feasible region is OABCEO.
Thus, the vertices of the feasible region are O(0,0),A(24,0),B(8,20) and C(0,25). We find the value of Z at these vertices .
The maximum value of Z is Rs. 160 at point B(8,20).Therefore, to obtain the maximum profit Rs. 160 the souvenirs 8 of types of A and 20 of tyes B should be produced.

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