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Fibres are obtained from various parts of plants such as stem , leaves, fruit walls and seed walls. Fibres obtained from plants are economically used in making fabric, paper, ropes and gunny bags, etc.
(i) Why only some parts of plants are used for making ropes ?
(ii) Cotton fibres are obtained from which part of cotton plant ?
(iii) From which part of coconut fruit coir (fibre) is obtained?
(iv) In which state of country, jute growing is a major source of income.

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(i) Sclerenchymatous tissue of plant consists of thick-walled dead cells and it is located in parts where strength , rigiditty, flexibility and elasticity is required . Sclerenchyma fibres are elongated (long and narrow) spindle -shaped , lignified dead cells. Only sclernechymatous fibre containing parts of the plant such as stems , fruits and seeds can be used for making ropes.
(ii) From seeds coat epidermis of cotton plant.
(iii) Mesocarp of coconut fruit yield husk which provides coir fibre used for making mats and cordage (ropes and cords).
(iv) West Bengal.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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