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Bulbul read an article on AIDS - A killer syndrome in a leading newspaper. She also recalled that few days back there was a declamation contest in his school is AIDS where is participants expressed their views about its cause, way of transmission, symptoms and possible preventive measures. As a responsible citizen, Bulbul wanted to explain detail of AIDS disease to her friends who had no knowledge about it?
(i) Expand the abbreviation AIDS Name its causative organism.
(ii) Why AIDS is counsidered a syndrome and not merely a disease. Comment.
(iii)List at least three ways in which AIDS can be transmitted from an infected person to other.
(iv) What values are displayed by Bulbul.

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(i) AIDS- Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome.
it is caused by retrovirus- HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).
(ii) AIDS is considered as a syndrome and not a disease. It is so because AIDS causing virus (HIV) enters the body of healthy person generally through sexual organs or through blood transfusion and subsequently spreads to lumph nodes all over the body. It damages body's immune system and therefore, body is no longer is able to fight of many minor infections. Even a small cold infection can turn into pneumonia or a minor gut infection may lead to severe diarrhoea with blood loss. The effects of minor diseases become so severe that they kill the patients sufferring from AIDS. In other words, there are no specific disease symptoms for AIDS and the patient develops complex diseases and symptoms. AIDS is considered to be a syndrome and not merely a disease.
(iii) (a) use of contaminated needles and syringes to inject drugs and vaccines. Use of contaminated razors for shaving.
(b) Transfusion of infected blood or blood products.
(c) Unprotected sexual contact wiht an AIDS infected person.
(iv) Bulbul, being adolescent, wanted to help her friends by imparting knowledge about dreaded fatal AIDS disease so that they take necessary preventive measures.

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