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Match the following
1Blood and Lymph(a)Epithelial tissue2Bone and Cartilage(b)Areolar connective tissue3Tendon and Ligament(c)Skeletal connective tissue4Ciliated and Cuboidal(d)Fluid connective tissue


1-(d) , 2-(c) , 3-(b) , 4(a)


1-(a) , 2-(c) , 3-(d) , 4(b)


1-(c) , 2-(b) , 3-(d) , 4(a)


1-(d) , 2-(b) , 3-(c) , 4(a)

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The correct Answer is:A

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Step by step video, text & image solution for Match the following {:(1,"Blood and Lymph",(a),"Epithelial tissue"),(2, "Bone and Cartilage",(b),"Areolar connective tissue"),(3,"Tendon and Ligament",(c),"Skeletal connective tissue"),(4,"Ciliated and Cuboidal",(d),"Fluid connective tissue"):} by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 9 exams.