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Draw a ΔABC in which AB=5 cm, BC= 6 cm and ABC=60. Construct a triangle similar to ABC with scale factor 57. Justify the construction.

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Steps of construction
1. Draw a line segment AB=5 cm .
2. From point B, draw ABY=60 on which take BC= 6 cm.
3. Join AC , ΔABC is the required triangle.
4. From A, draw any ray AX downwards making an acute angle.
5. Mark 7 point B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B6 and B7 on AX,
Such that AB1=B1B2=B2B3=B3B4=B4B5=B5B6=B6B7.
6. Join B7B and from B5 draw B5MB7B intersecting AB at M.
From point M draw MN||BC intersecting AC at N.
Then, ΔAMN is the required triangle whose sides are equal to 57 of the corresponding sides of the ΔABC.
Here , B5MB7B ( by construction )
Also, MN||BC
Therefore, AMAB=ANAC=NMBC=57

Updated on:21/07/2023

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