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Give an example of plants with
(a) haplontic life cycle
(b) diplontic life cycle
(c) haplo diplontic life cycle

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Haplontic life cycle It is exhibited by Volvox, Spirogyra and Chlamydomonas. The dominant photosyntheitc phase in these plants is gamotophytic phase which develops from a haploid spores after a mitotic cell division of zygote
(b) Diplontic life cycle is found in gymnosperms and angiosperms. The dominant phase is dipoid sporophyte plant develop form zygote. ocr_image
(c) Haplodiplontic life cycle It is an intermediate conditions exhibited by bryophytes and pteridophytes. Here haploid gametophytic stage alternates with diplid sprophytic stage. ocr_image

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