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Basicity of aniline is less than methyl amine, because-Solution in Bengali


hyperconjugative effect of Me - group in MeNH2


resonance effect of phenyl group in aniline


molar mass of methylamine is less than that of aniline


resonance effect of Me - group in MeNH2

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The correct Answer is:B

Lone pair of electrons of N - atom present in aniline undergoes resonance with the π - electron cloud of benzene ring. As a result, the electron density over N - atom decreases and the tendency of N - atom donate its elctron paira H+ ion also decreases.
In case of methylamine, this kind of resonance or delocalisation of electrons does not take place. As a result, N - atom of methylamine shows higher tendency to donate its lone pair of electrons to H+ ion. For this reason, basicity of anline is less that that of methylamine.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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