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Trimethyl amine is less basic than methyl amine because


it does not react with acid


it is acidic


it has crowding of alky groups


it can donate electron pair easily

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The correct Answer is:C

+I effect of alkyl group attached to nitrogen in trimethyl amine is less than methyl amine due to stearic hindrance.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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    The lone pair of amines makes them basic. They react with acids to form acid-base salts. Amines are more basic than alcohols, ethers and water. When an amine is dissolved in water, an equilibrium is established , where water acts as an acid and transfer a proton to the amine. The basic strength of an amine can be measured by basicity constant Kb.
    Arylamines are less basic than alkylamines because the lone pair of nitrogen is delocalised with the aromatic ring and are less available for donation.
    Substituted arylamines can be either more basic or less basic than aniline , depending on the substituted . ERG substituents, such as CH3,NH2andOCH3 increases the basicity and EWG substituents , such as Cl,NO2andCN decreases basicity. While sp2 hybridized nitrogen atom in pyridine is less basic then the sp3 -hybridized nitrogen in an alkylamine.
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