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Write the expression for the veloctiy of longitudinal waves in an elastic medium.

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Consider an elastic medium ( here we assume air ) having a fixed mass contained in a long tube ( cylinder ) whose cross sectional area is A and maintained under a pressure P . One can generate longitudinal waves in the fluid either by displacing the fluid using a piston or by keeping a vibrating tuning fork at one end of the tube. Assume that the direction of propagation of waves coincides with the axis of the cylinder . Let p be the denstiy of the fluid which is intially at rest. At t=0 , the piston at left end of the tube is set in motion toward the right with a speed u.
Let u be the velocity of the piston and v be the velocity of the elastic wave. In time interval Δt the distance moved by the piston Δd=uΔt . Now , the distance moved by the elastic distubance is Δx=vΔt " Let Δm be the mass of the air that has attained a velocity v in a time Δt . Therefore
Then , the momentum imarted due to motion of piston with velocity u is
But the change in momentum is impulse
The net impulse is
But the change in momentum is impulse the net impulse is
when the sound wave passes through air , the small volume element ( ΔV) of the air undergoes regular compressions and rare factions So, the change in pressure can also be written as
Where, V is original volume and B is known as bulk modulus of the elastic medium.
But V=AΔx=AxΔtand
Comparing equation (1) and equation (2) , wer get
In general , the velocity of a longitudinal wave in elastic medium is v=Ep where E is the modulus elasticity of the medium.
Case : For a solid
(i) one dimension rod ( 1 D)
Where Y is the Young's modulus of the material of the rod and p is the density of the rod. The 1 D rod will have only young's modulus
(ii) There dimension rod (3 D) The speed of longitudinal wave in a solid is
v= K+43np
Where n is the modulus of rigidity, K is the bulk modulus and p is the density of the rod .
Case : For liquids
Where K is bulk modulus and p is the density of the rod .

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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