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Obtain in expression for the time period T of a simple pendulun. The time period depend upon (i) mass 'm' of the bob (ii) length 'l' of the pendulum and (iii) acceieration due to gravity g at the place where the pendulum is suspended. (Constant k = 2π ) i.e.Solution in Tamil

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Tmalbgc, T=K.malbgc
Here k is the dimensionless constant.
Rewriting the above equation with dimensions.
Comparing the powers of M, L and T on both sides,
Solving for a, b and c, we get a=0,b=1/2, and c=1/2
From the above equation T=k.m0l1/2g1/2
Experimentally k=2π, hence T=2πl/g

Updated on:21/07/2023

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