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Discuss brifly the nature of bonding in metal carbonyls.Solution in Tamil

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(b) Bonding in metal carbonyls
(i) In metal carbonyls , the bond between metal atom and the carbonyl ligand consists of two components
(ii) The first component is an electron pair donation from the carbon atom of carbonyl ligand into a vacant - d- orbital of central metal atom .
(iii) The electron pair donation forms Mσ bond−−−CO sigma bond.
The sigma bond formation inceases the electron density in metal d orbitals and makes the metal electron rich.
(v)In order to compensate for this increased electron densty, a filled metal d-orbital interacts with the empty π orbital on the carbonyl ligand and transfers the added electron density back to the ligand.
(vi) This second component is called π back bonding , Thus in metal carbonyls , electron density moves from ligand to metal through sigma bonding and from metal to ligand through pi bonding , this synergic effect accounts for strong this synergic effect accounts for strong MCO bond in metal carbonyls.
(vii) This phenomenon is shown diagrammatically as follows

Updated on:21/07/2023

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